What Is A Squeeze Page And How To Make One In A Few Minutes

To those of you that may be new to the online marketing world and have never heard of the term squeeze page let’s quickly cover exactly what is a squeeze page?

Although you may not know the term I can probably guarantee that you have seen a squeeze page before without knowing.

Basically, it is a simple web page that has one purpose and nothing else and that is to “squeeze” your information out of you. This is always an email address, sometimes a name, and occasionally more details such as a telephone number.

Why Use A Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages or landing pages as they are often called are used by businesses and online Entrepreneurs to gather information from prospective customers or clients interested in products and services that they offer.

These details are then stored in an email service provider where they are sent emails regarding, products, information, services, and offers that they would be interested in.

This is known commonly as an email list.

By using an email service provider such as AWeber (affiliate link) all the emails can be set up and automated so this means that once a person joins your list you don’t need to lift a finger.

What Can I Offer On My Squeeze Page?

This will, of course, depend on your business and or the products and services you supply.

The main thing you are looking to do is solve a problem that your visitor has. Eg. If your visitor is looking for more traffic to their website you could offer them, a checklist of 101 free ways to get traffic.

If your business sells mortgages then offer a free guide on how to get accepted for a mortgage within 7 days…. you get the idea!

This needs to be something that they can consume very quickly, we live in a world of instant gratification… Longer courses, books, and training could be an upsell after you have their information… more on that in another article!

How To Make A Squeeze Page

I mentioned earlier about the email service provider AWeber if you sign up for a free account with them, they allow you to create squeeze pages directly in your account. (Scroll back up and hit the link to get your free account)

If you have your own WordPress website then check out the video below where I show you how to quickly and easier make a squeeze page using a simple tool.

The video is very short you can find more details about Thrive Architect on their website (affiliate link). I have been using this tool for years now, I have experimented with other similar tools but for me, there is nothing to beat it.

If you already use a tool like this let me know which one and what you think of it in the comments below.

Getting Your Squeeze Page Seen

Now, it's great that you now have your squeeze page created and email campaigns set up and all ready to go…

All your need is some targeted traffic to see your page.

Well, that’s simple really you just have to find where your target audience is are they offline, if they are then, leaflet drops, business cards, newspaper ads will all work. But, in today's market, you really need to be online, within social networks, forums, Youtube, Instagram, and even on TikTok especially if your customer target market is on there.

Now I haven’t got time for this article to cover an in-depth resource about what traffic you need and where to find it.

But, I have got a good article on my blog which covers more on the subject of landing page traffic. Feel free to check it out!

A Quick Recap

Before I finish let’s just recap…

So, you have discovered what is a squeeze page and that it is a vital part of building your email list which in turn can automatically turn prospective customers into buyers.

I have also given you the ONLY email marketing service that offers a free service without any time restrictions.

Finally, you have seen in the video just how simple it is to make a squeeze page using a simple tool and a WordPress website.

Remember, you can also build landing pages in AWeber too. There are more videos on how to do this on my YouTube channel.

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